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The Enthusiasm Spasm

P.T.’s – did your ‘People Upstairs’ gobble up ‘The One Minute Manager’ and ‘The Enthusiastic Employee’ with a knife and fork? Gyms seem to think they sell enthusiasm. Selling enthusiasm is what you do when you have no idea how to ‘grow’ motivation. Motivation comes in two types. There’s the outwardly focused, reward-based kind (extrinsic), … Continue reading

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Don’t Screw The Crew

Don’t screw the crew. Enough said. On this one, personal trainers can be the biggest boofheads of the lot. Sometimes we boofheads need saving alright – from venereal disease. From the unemployment queue. Ahhh, the DAILY hotbed of scandal that is tucked under the front desk of a gym. ┬áBelieve me – instead of ┬áthose … Continue reading