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The Devil’s Contract…Don’t Fail Dale! (Carnegie): Part #1

If the Devil had Robert Johnson at a crossroads, then the average punter who wanders in to a ‘globo gym’ foyer ain’t got a chance. They’ll be walking away in forty minutes at one end of an extreme. If that extreme is high with excitement on their new purchase…hell, they’ve ‘inhaled’. Surely, it will bring … Continue reading

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Don’t Screw The Crew

Don’t screw the crew. Enough said. On this one, personal trainers can be the biggest boofheads of the lot. Sometimes we boofheads need saving alright – from venereal disease. From the unemployment queue. Ahhh, the DAILY hotbed of scandal that is tucked under the front desk of a gym.  Believe me – instead of  those … Continue reading


Boofhead Engineering: Things that make you go…uuhhh?

Boofhead engineering is a mystifying art. Those Picasso pictures are easier to understand.(They’re some kind of anatomy diagram… right ???). Yes, we have ‘boofhead engineering’ to thank for prehistoric blunt tools, flint knives, and stone axes. But the modern boofhead has been resting on those particular laurels for a few thousand years now. Using gym … Continue reading